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The path to perfection begins with mistakes.

It is a long, troubled and endless journey and certainly not without difficulties.

Release date: December 2020 - May 2021
Distribution: Friends and Family
Quantity: 28 t-shirts released

Gareth of "Gareth & Mastak" duo (@garethandmastak)

The path to perfection begins with mistakes. It is a long, troubled and endless journey and certainly not without difficulties, and from this that our PRERELEASE is born, a puzzle of mistakes that was essential to achieve our goal.

The PRERELEASE is the release that lays the foundations, after so much effort and research for the subsequent drops. This release, in its imperfection, is our greatest achievement: the actual birth of KOSMOS. Distinguished by its peculiarities, the PRERELEASE cannot even be considered a "DROP" but the truth is that we couldn't wait to bring our idea to the forefront, make it visible, tangible and spread it.


T-shirts that taste of prototypes, taste of experiments in the form of prints and fabrics, to finally arrive at a finished but not perfect product, perfection that will be the object of desire of this story. The t-shirts, distributed to brand supporters, are distinguished from subsequent releases by various differences (or defects): first of all, the fit stands out, undoubtedly comfortable but not suitable for everyone due to its tubular structure; the excessive contrast in the printing of colors, an untested washability and a lack of refinement in the fabrics used, although they guarantee a natural cotton but not combed or spun. Not to mention the position of the graphics, standard on the left chest, sometimes disproportionate. Quality is never our second priority, but the PRERELEASE with its 28 distributed t-shirts also speaks of inexperience, the mother of the flaws described.

However, the desire to do and challenge ourselves has never wavered and allowed us to present to a small circle of people this first release that towards its exhaustion, gave us the charge for our next step: the SPECTRUM.

The perspective of @inquinamentoluminoso

The essence of KOSMOS is therefore contained in a continuous search for innovation and improvement that however keeps us faithful to the original idea of distributing exclusive and limited items at a reasonable price.

Owners of PRERELEASE hold onto them tightly, an unforgettable journey is about to begin 👁️

PS: maybe we have a few pairs of PRERELEASE in stock, write us, you never know

Author: Luca Domenichelli



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